Mount Batur Trekking

mount-batur-sunrise-trekkingIf you think of taking a vacation to trek and do mountain climbing the Asian continent is the best place to choose. It has all kinds of wonders of Mother Nature with many natural resources and has environment that would fascinate you throughout the trip. Visiting the tropical beaches, giant mountains and great forests in one continent can make the trip worth an adventure.

Mount Batur is one of the mountains that one can climb with ease. A good traveler with the ambition of getting to the top of the mountain can easily do it without any help from the professionals. The landscape gives a strategic view of lakes and even volcanoes from a good point of view. During such a trip you can be in a position to explore how people in the region live and learn about their historic background. In order to explore the whole place with ease, one needs to be prepared for the trip by having better tents and costumes incase of unexpected rain or hash climatic conditions.

Ones in mount Batur you can go for hikes or trekking. It is thrilling because the trekking route is up -graded to facilitate movement and modern hiking tools. For instance, the roads are clear and availability of food, shelter and toilets are available at each stopping point. It makes it easier for the travelers to be able to make long miles without obstacles along the way.

Some of the trekking routes are marked and have signs with pavements but others do not have the pavements or signs. It will depend on the people taking the hike which path to take. The adventure becomes more thrilling when you take unmarked paths; you also get to know new ways of finding the best places to rest and take photos as you move on.

The stunning greenery in mount Batur with the cool climatic conditions attracts most people from all over the world. Mountain climbers and trekkers come to experience the magnificent adventures that are in this mountain. If you need to trek through enchanting landscape, cross-rivers, valleys, move to thick evergreen forests and undulating agricultural firms you need to get to mount Batur.

Feel experience to see sunrise from the top of mount batur. From the peak of the mountain the views in all directions are quite splendid. The sun rises over much higher Mount Agung to the east, while the northerly aspect back towards the crater rim road takes in a large volcanic ash slope with several steaming, active cones.

Trekking the mount Batur trekking is truly an experience that comes ones in a lifetime but memorable forever. If you need to get to mount Batur you need to be prepared with camping facilities, have better clothing that will protect you in case of hash weather and take a camera with you just to have those memories saved for future reference.  For inquiry or booking please contact us